meet the team

zack carden

Creator • Showrunner • Writer • Pastoral Counsel

Originally hailing from Chattanooga, TN, Zack Carden pastors a church in Marietta, GA. Zack brings 30+ years of ministry experience to The Adventures of Greybobby, with a passion for training up the next generation of Christians in sound theology and biblical truth.

preston cook

Showrunner • Animation Director

Preston Cook is an animator and production designer from Atlanta, GA, and currently works as an animation director for clients across the Atlanta area overseeing over 250 training, public service, and safety productions since 2015.

Thorne Winter, V

Showrunner • Screenwriter • Producer

Thorne Winter, V is a filmmaker from Atlanta, GA. Thorne has worked as a producer in film and television since 2004, helming corporate, television, and theatrical film productions which have been distributed internationally.