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Frequently asked questions

Are My Donations Tax-Deductible?
No. After a great deal of prayer, consultation, and deliberation, we settled on registering as a for-profit business, and donations made to us are not tax-deductible, but are a part of a larger crowdfunding effort.
Why Are You Accepting Donations / Crowdfunding?
Our ultimate goal is to fund The Adventures of Greybobby through video sales and merchandising, but we have both received unsolicited donations, as well as requests for online donation options from our supporters.
We have chosen to crowdfund The Adventures of Greybobby because we want to share biblical truth. In the past, our producers have been asked to remove references to Jesus from Christian programming, and promote other non-biblical truth claims. Crowdfunding allows for us to operate without compromising our core beliefs.
What Are Donations Being Used For?
All donations and revenue generated via sales are a part of a larger crowd-funding effort to produce both free social media content, as well as a larger 13-episode season of television.
The funds that we raise are being used first to produce free devotional content, music, and other media, as well as pay for advertising, web-hosting fees, and other marketing expenses.
Our goal is to begin full production on Season 1 in January, 2023, or as soon as our resources allow it.
Can I Buy Something Instead?
Yes. We have a Redbubble shop set up with apparel and other items for sale featuring our characters and branding.
We plan on releasing additional merchandise and digital content on-demand in the months ahead.